Ryan Thomas Becker’s Playlist

Ryan at NYLO Sessions Live Ryan Thomas Becker / Photo by Jenna B Photography

Ryan Thomas Becker must possess some magical power to have the endurance and creativity needed to be in so many bands: RTB2, Last Joke, The Treelines, Satans of Soft Rock and Hares on the Mountain (not to mention his solo stuff). We recently caught up with this hard-working Dentonite to find out what music he’s listening to right now! Here are … [Read more...]

Ryan Michael’s Playlist (The Roomsounds)

Ryan Michaels of The Roomsounds

When he's not melting girl's hearts, here's the music The Roomsound's front man Ryan Michael is listening to -- from classic music like The Rolling Stones (duh!) to newer tunes by US Royalty. And he "loves a good pop song " We love it when macho band guys show their softer side. Don't you? PLAYLIST: The Desert Won't Save You by US Royalty I love … [Read more...]