Ryan Thomas Becker’s Playlist

Ryan at NYLO Sessions Live Ryan Thomas Becker / Photo by Jenna B Photography

Ryan Thomas Becker must possess some magical power to have the endurance and creativity needed to be in so many bands: RTB2, Last Joke, The Treelines, Satans of Soft Rock and Hares on the Mountain (not to mention his solo stuff).

We recently caught up with this hard-working Dentonite to find out what music he’s listening to right now! Here are the 7 songs that make up the soundtrack to his busy life, including his favorite air cooking song. You’ll dig it.


Gentleman by Fela Kuti
Anything Fela is good. He is compared to James Brown but brings a sound that’s all his own. I air cook to this particular track. I pretend to chop up imaginary veggies and throw them into an imaginary sizzlin’ skillet.

Key to the Highway by Freddie King
The first few seconds of this track are BLISS. From what I can hear, most of Eric Clapton’s chops come from Freddie King (which makes me like E.C. even less for some reason).

I Wanna Destroy You by The Soft Boys
From Robyn Hitchcock’s early outfit. Tis a battle cry if I ever heard one.

White Winos by Loudon Wainwright III
The sense of tension in this song between Loudon, his mother, and his father is perversely intoxicating.

Look Out Cleveland by The Band
I recently played a few shows with a “The Band” cover band, so these songs are having some difficulty escaping my mind (and my dancing shoes). Fun times / great songs.

I’m Still Here by Tom Waits
Tom Waits at his most efficient?

I Will Wait For You by Paul Burch
Paul seems like another scholar of music. Americana-ian, so to speak.

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