Ryan Michael’s Playlist (The Roomsounds)

Ryan Michaels of The Roomsounds

When he’s not melting girl’s hearts, here’s the music The Roomsound’s front man Ryan Michael is listening to — from classic music like The Rolling Stones (duh!) to newer tunes by US Royalty. And he “loves a good pop song ” We love it when macho band guys show their softer side. Don’t you?


The Desert Won’t Save You by US Royalty
I love the whole US Royalty album Mirrors but this track is a stand out. It’s a psychedelic slow burn that climaxes into fuzzed out Zeppelin-esque riffs. Enough said.

Junkie Bones by Ryan Traster
This track has a haunting tension that I really like.  Close your eyes and drift away, you’ll see what I mean.

Borstal Boys by Faces
I can’t get enough of the Faces lately. Featuring Rod Stewart on vocals (before he turned into a lame adult contemporary artist), Ronnie Wood on guitar, who joined The Stones later, not to mention Kenny Jones  on drums who joined The Who after Keith Moon’s death. These guys played blues at punk rock speeds and are seriously underrated.

Find the Light by David Ramirez
My friend Ashley turned me on to this song. I love the sparse production and arrangement.

Happy by Rolling Stones
This song appears on my favorite Stones record “Exile on Main Street” and features Keith Richards on lead vocals. I listen to it almost daily simply because it makes me happy.

It’s Alright by The Redwalls
Just a fun uptempo rock n’ roll song that’s reminiscent of early Beatles. Have a few drinks and turn it up, you won’t be able to stop dancing.

Flat Tire by The Rosewood Thieves
Timeless and incredibly hypnotic. Sounds like if John Lennon sang something Jeff Tweedy wrote.

Shanghai Cigarettes” by Caitlin Rose
I love a good pop song. Has a nice sunshiny Americana feel that I can’t get enough of.

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