Rhombi Survivor / Photographer

[singlepic id=39 w=320 h=240 float=left]Rhombi Survior was started back in ’08 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The initial concept was to help artists actualize their musical projects and create a foundation for them to build from.

Since then, R.S. (Rhombi Survivor) relocated down to Dallas, TX where founder, Eric Boff has expanded its reputation from being solely music oriented, to photography and video services as well. Rhombi Survivor has become a name that is recognized for it’s unique and artistic compositions, as well as the R.S. lifestyle.

“RHOMBI are not square, they have the ability to turn something insipid into something inspiring. They are SURVIVORS in that they defend the integrity of their art at all costs. RHOMBI SURVIVOR is not for everyone, but, we WILL make you think” – Eric Boff

The Man Behind Rhombi Survivor

Eric Boff, founder of Rhombi Survivor is also known as The Brown Boy (band name) and Oh Jee Nam (his given name). He is a twenty-seven year old music producer/photographer/writer/entrepreneur, who was raised in the ‘palm’ of Michigan. His guitar playing brought him down to Dallas, TX to work as a music producer which eventually led him to an internship with Interscope/Universal.

After a brief stay in L.A., he brought his connections and experience back to Dallas, where he currently resides. Between producing music, shooting concerts, and writing a screenplay, Eric always has a number of projects on his plate. With Rhombi Survivor going strong, it seems his presence within the community is seeded firmly with plans on expanding his team/brand into something his city can be proud of…

Why Contribute to Deep Dallas Music?

Deep Dallas Music, is a treasure map unlocking the local underground music scene. I love to contribute photographic memories of shows that define our music culture here in Dallas. We have so many talented acts and it’s incredible to have a source for all those looking to get into the scene without putting up with the “hype”. Deep Dallas Music provides real insight to the artists that are worth checking out and know of all the “shows that won’t suck” in the DFW area. Deep Dallas Music is comprised of genuine fans of local talent and I definitely see our relationship as something that will not only strengthen our community but help rising talent become noticed on a national level.


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