Hunter Duesing / Writer

[singlepic id=18 w=320 h=240 float=left]When Hunter Duesing isn’t writing for Deep Dallas Music, he co-hosts the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast with an angry Australian, and writes freelance film criticism for various outlets with low standards.  He can frequently be observed in his natural habitat around Dallas, which happens to be the mosh pit at metal shows. If you see him, approach with caution and make no sudden movements, as he is constantly under protection by a cranky murder of killer crows.

Untrustworthy sources indicate he has a degree in history from Rhodes College in Memphis. He apparently lived there for awhile before relocating to Dallas, where he may or may not have grown up. Aside from going crazy listening to metal, he is also known to obsessively watch movies, which he writes rambling, incoherent reviews of for fun. A person posing as him can be found on Twitter. His favorite kinds of birds are owls.

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