Feran Stennett / Photographer

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My name is Feran Stennett and I’m a student at the University North Texas. My focus is on retrieving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and establishing myself as both an photographer and an artist.

My future plans consist of freelance work, travelling with my photography and entering into as many art gallery exhibitions as I possibly can. I hope to ultimately become an international art director.

I am originally from Houston, TX however I grew up in a pretty small town that is ten minutes outside of the city’s limits. My world was pretty dull growing up, I often felt like every day was exactly the same.

I found myself escaping to my dreams, my vivid imagination, and ballet classes until I was eight years old and was given a computer with dial up internet. Even with a super slow connection, I found my link and love for the art world.

I received a digital camera when I was twelve and after that my journey into photography began. I’m inspired by culture, cinema, fashion, and people who dare to be bold and unique in this southern environment.

One of my professors once told me that my camera is my brush and people are my paints. It may sound cheesy but it is pretty accurate. My work primarily deals with alternative female identity in American contemporary society.

I contribute to Deep Dallas Music because I think the idea of covering local music is fantastic! I am extremely lucky to live in such a musically inclined town (Denton, TX) and I believe it deserves as much exposure as it can get.

The University of North Texas is so well known for its music and art that you couldn’t even throw a rock without hitting someone who is in a band.

I really believe in this music revolution that is happening in the DFW area and I am super excited to contribute to Deep Dallas Music because of their love and passion for discovering great local sounds in our community.

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