Cutter Kinda Creeps Us Out, But in a Good Way

Cutter Band

After receiving a Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Electronic Act in 2013, Cutter has proven themselves to be one of the fastest growing bands in Dallas. Their show fliers have proven to be too hot for Facebook and their live act is a phantasmagorical experience to say the least. We caught up the duo, Jared Coffey and Alex Velte, at their … [Read more...]

13thVillage / Photography & Video


The 13thVillage is an artist collective centered on providing aesthetically intriguing, provocative content. "12 months in a year. 12 houses of the zodiac. 12 tribes of Israel. 24 hours in a day broken down into two 12 hour periods. 12 seems to be where the count stops. We are 13. We are evolution in action. Peace mixed with … [Read more...]